Feeding your Wedding Photographer

Here is a simple rundown of how feeding your wedding photographer should work because it is one of those unasked questions by our Wedding Photography clients.

A wedding typically lasts 10 to 12 hours. If we take getting ready shots and are there all day, we try to eat a big breakfast before we get there, but that only lasts so long. We are often running around like crazy all day trying to cover the whole wedding, and don’t have time to snack or take a break. We’ve literally been known to run to the bathroom to cram down a sandwich or pretzels that we packed in three minutes and then get back to it.

All that said, it is important that we get a small break to eat during the day. Feeding your wedding photographer is preferably done during the reception when everyone else is eating – particularly the bride and groom, which works out because nobody wants to have photos of themselves eating, anyway.

We do prefer if you provide a hot meal for us so we don’t have to leave and find a local food place, or worry about spoiled food that’s been sitting in the car all day. Although it can be what everyone else is eating, we don’t have to have a plated meal as long as something is provided. Many venues offer vendor meals that you can get for us, so inquire about that when you have the chance.

Finally, feeding your wedding photographer is important because it is hard to stay creative on an empty stomach. Think about if you didn’t get a lunch break at work – it makes it hard to focus the rest of the day because you’re so hungry. You also don’t want us passing out during your reception. (Even though my fiancé is a medevac pilot, that’s not how I want your wedding to go down 🙂 )

Please let us know arrangements ahead of time so we know the plan. Thank you!

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