Engagement Session PDA

Engagement sessions are about love and romance and the chemistry between the engaged couple eagerly awaiting their wedding. It’s only natural that with love comes PDA. That’s right, folks: public displays of affection.

Engagement Session PDASo how much Engagement Session PDA is appropriate?

You are madly in love with your finace right? Your pictures should show your absolute love for each other and intimate ‘lovey-dovey’ images express that best.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean I’m going to have you completely grope each other during your session – those aren’t pictures grandma wants to hang on her fridge.

But during your session, I will ask you to hold hands, hug, cuddle, and even kiss. Maybe even whisper things to each other in order to evoke true emotion from each of you.

This is part of my normal workflow for engagement sessions. I just wanted to give you a heads up before your session so you know what to expect and have time to practice.

And if you’re absolutley not OK with PDA – that’s fine too. Just let me know and we’ll still get some awesome engagement photos :).

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